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At Browart Studio, we provide Eyebrow Embroidery, and have accumulated great reputation in the market of Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore over the years, for our great designs, and natural looking brows.

With the rapidly changing beauty trends, there is a need to keep extra care of the new beauty techniques. It is said that eyebrows can greatly transform your face and look. Eyebrows are one of the most prominent features of our faces, and therefore it is important to have beautiful looking eyebrows.

You will find Brow Embroidery Singapore at Browart Studio which will provide you the best services of the eyebrow embroidery, giving your high quality, well skilled eyebrow embroidery that enhances your look, and lasts you a long time.

What is eyebrow embroidery?

Eyebrow Embroidery is a semi-permanent make up of your eyebrows. Unlike eyebrow tattoo, where the pigments are injected deep into the deeper layers of the skin, eyebrow embroidery only affects the top most layer of the skin, rather than penetrating deep into the skin. Therefore, semi-permanent.

At Browart Studio, our method of Eyebrow embroidery singapore involves using a high number of fine strokes providing an intricate and natural looking result.

The Best Eyebrow Embroidery involves a process and looks like the tattoo that penetrates the dermis that is therefore semi-permanent and can last up to 2 years with the touchups.

To do brow embroidery this is a skilled technique that adds the color pigment to the skin that fills the spare areas to make the brows flawless and fuller.

Process of Brow Embroidery Singapore

• Our beautician atBrowart Studio firstly looks at the structure and condition of the brows, and then discuss the designwith our customers, by providing samples and past photos. Our beautician then also suggests clients about the shape of eyebrows according to the structure of the face.
• Once the details are discussed, such as the shape of the brow, we will then proceed with the second step, which involves drawing the eyebrows shapes, to visualize the result to be obtained. This process allows adjustments such as angles or length. During the process, the stray hairs are also removed by the technicians.
• After all the preparation is done a numbing cream is applied and then kept to set for 15 minutes before the procedure begins.
• After 15 minutes, the beautician chooses the best suitable color for the procedure and the color. To match the client's current eyebrow color, hair color, and complexion.
• The technicians begin the procedure with the sterile knife that looks like a small scalpel with the small needles at the bottom that are very shape and thin. This procedure will take about one to two hours. As the numbing cream is used in the procedure eyebrow embroidery doesn’t hurt at all.

Is eyebrow embroidery safe?

For doing the process of Eyebrow Tattoo Singapore it is important to visit a place where reputable and professional technicians are available. Also, it is important to check that the equipment is sterilized and all the blades used are new for each customer.

Does it hurt?

As the numbing cream is used and the epidermis is penetrated, the pain will be nothing more than gently tweezing or threading. There should not be any bleeding and swelling in the process.

Benefits of Eyebrow Embroidery

This is the most natural process of having the perfect pair of brows as it takes away the worry of losing or thin hairs. Some of the reasons for eyebrow embroidery are:

1. Saves Time

Putting on makeup daily is a very time-consuming process. So if you are seeking to save some time from your daily routine, with the help of Best Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore you will able to maximize your timeby removing one extra step every day!

2. Gives a New Definition to the Face

Eyebrows play a big part in shaping your face. And Eyebrow embroidery can be the answer in giving you the look you are looking for! Whether it is making your eyes look larger, a thicker or thinner eyebrow, all these will affect how we look. Hence, allow our professionals to advice you, and enhance your beauty even further.