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Eyebrow is the new sexy facial feature

Know how to properly groom your eyebrows for the best looking you

Grooming your eyebrows don’t just entail clean and tidy looking face but also glints an effect of stunningly gorgeous facial feature emphasizing facial shape and defining your aura. Grooming also prevents the commission of common brow bungles as the guide is kept clear. But then, you still have to know the perfect shape for your face so you can have a definite shape to follow and maintain from time to time. With this, you’ll be able to observe right grooming for those two slender and vital lines over your eyes.

The grooming starts by locating your starting points. You can flip your tweezers upside down. With the use of the eye pencil, draw a line, specifically a vertical line, to know the start of the brows. Also, check if the space above your nose bridge is centered.

Identify the end points of your brows. You can use your tweezers to check the angle which should be against your cheek so that the open end is at the bottom of your nose and the other end extends to the outermost corner of your eyes. The crucial part is locating the point where the tweezers intersect your brows. That is the end points of your brows. Clean the extra brows that you can see beyond that end point.

The last step is to decide on how defined your eyebrows should be. The thickness of your eye brows should be proportionate but should follow the natural shape of your eye brows. It now depends on the shape that is right for your face. You can pluck the stray brows to clean and void bushy hair but do not over pluck it as well as it is also a brow blunder and a mortal sin in the world of cosmetic unless it is deliberately done to achieve a specific look.

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