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Finding the perfect eyebrow shape for you

Eyebrows may seem to have little effect on the face of a person as they are just mere two lines the eyes.

But believe or not, it can make a face look different. One wrong stroke on the eyebrows and your face would look different. There are some lucky people who discovers the right eyebrow shape by accident while there still those who suffer from wrong eyebrows shapes making their faces look elongated than it should ever be.

For those who are still on the venture of finding the perfect eyebrows shape for their faces, you don’t have to be left right in the dark clueless. There are guidelines that can be followed which will lead you to the perfect eyebrow shape you can wear so you can look your best every day.

First is to know the shape of your face. Experts says finding out the shape of your face is the initial key to discover your most beautiful look. There are six basic face shapes where you can start with. These are: Oval Face Shape, Round Face Shape, Long Face Shape, Square Face Shape, Heart Face Shape, and Diamond Face Shape. Look into the mirror and see what shape can you most classify your face with the given shapes.

The next part would be the most difficult trial and error part since trying out and drawing eyebrows shape takes practice to be perfect. You can look as the pictures and even video tutorials to help you discover and learn the techniques step by step.

When you’ve already found the perfect shape of eyebrows for your face, it can be tiring to draw it out and is also time consuming. Well, with the modern technology we have today, you have it drawn permanently through eyebrow tattooing. Eyebrow tattoo are usually done by the experts where you don’t have to go through the steps mentioned above since they will do the job for you.

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