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Whatever face shape you have, if you are looking for the best eyebrow contour that would best flatter your face, here are three golden rules when it comes to eyebrows as laid down by Joey Healy himself. Healy is a prominent celebrity eyebrow stylist, with Kyra Sedgwick as one of his clients.

First, always remember that the head of the brow should begin at the bridge of your nose. This point can be easily found by vertically holding a pencil up to either side of your nose bone.

Second, the arch of your eyebrows should be about two-thirds of the way out. Healy said that one of the biggest mistakes he see day to day is a centered arch. This is a big no as it gives the dreaded ‘rainbow’ shape.

Third and very important rule is to never ever cut your brows short. Healy said that the tail should, at the very least, end on an imaginary line from the corner of the nose to the corner of the eye. The tail of the brows can be extended slightly further beyond the corner of the eyes as long as it does not end lower.

There go the three golden rules. In applying such, you would need the proper tools to achieve that desired perfect groomed brows, and finding the right brow pencil as per suggested by Sania Vucetaj, a New York-based brow specialist who works with celebrities such as Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker.

In choosing your tool, ask yourself what would be your preferred method – wither tweezers or waxing or threading. With tweezers, you get to pull one hair at a time which gives you full control of how to manage the grooming. This is essentially the most preferred method by many. Also, the hair comes out from the root which causes less breakage, and it is not that time consuming maximum of ten minutes if you know what you are doing. As with waxing, the delicate skin around the wrinkle-prone are may be risked you risked through repetitive stretching. Also, since you do not control it strand by strand, you may take off more hairs than what you intended. With the use of threading method, it involves using twisted thread to remove hair, pulls it in many directions and can cause ingrown hairs.

In finding the right brow pencil, it can eventually make all the difference. It is better to look for an angled tip because it is easier to use. Also, you can apply this wonderful formula which is a cross between a pencil and powder, which could give you the soft and natural texture of a powder with the precision of a pencil. Also, it is good to look an eye pencil with a spooley brush on the other end so you can blend for a natural look.

As for the final touch, Vucetaj concluded that when filling in brows, you should go two shades lighter than your hair, one or two shades darker if you have pale blonde or silver hair, or try a universally flattering taupe shade.

Eyebrows grooming is not easy, but it will all be worth it because it can really give that natural and effortless beauty, and more importantly it takes away some efforts in applying other makeup because eyebrow alone can instantly lift up your beauty.

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