Browart Studio is honoured to have helped many customers look beautiful and feel great about themselves! We are thankful for all their support and hope to see you at our store as well!


“I met with BrowArt’s embroidery artist Jenny, who did hundreds of eyebrows before with 10 years of experience!”
“If someone is just looking your face, they almost can’t tell and it’s super natural!”

“I also did Lip Embroidery with BrowArt!”

– Xiaxue-

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” I’m just done with my brows and i love them!!!! natural strokes just the way i wanted it. “

“because im not too good at drawing brows, so i always spend quite a bit of time on balancing the brows ūüėā
but now, my makeup routine is made easier ūüėć”

“most importantly, this is definitely more ideal than me having to draw my entire brows myself
because of the natural look which i was never able to achieve by drawing myself”

– Shine Koh¬†–
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“Their artist Jenny has such high expectation I know I am very safe in her work.
Jenny did hundreds of eyebrows with more than 10 years of experience.”

“I also visited their salon more than once and every time I go there.
There is someone else there fixing their brows and every one of them will share
why they choose¬†Browart Studio since there is so many brows studio out there!”

– Kanny Theng¬†–
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“I did my lip embroidery 3 months ago and see it still look so natural on me !
The process is painless and I wake up everyday without having to fuss on what lipstick to put.
I used to have cracked lip and now my lip is pretty moisturize after my lip embroidery session.”

– Ang Geck Geck¬†–
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“It look so natural! I love it!¬†Throughout the whole procedure I was really chill and relaxed.
The pain level is quite low, I only felt¬†scratches!”
“Jenny‚Äôs skills and expertise have gained international fame and recognition.
She is one of the Star-factor and reason that customers became regulars and refer their friends.”

– Jthejon –
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“Lawrence from Browart Studio showed me the difference between eyebrow embroidery by other salons vs eyebrow embroidery done by them! I must say, there was really a difference as it was really natural to an extent that you can’t tell that it was actually eyebrow embroidery!”

¬†“I would seriously recommend you to try out Browart Studio’s embroidery service if you are considering to have your eyebrow embroidery!”

– Charlotte Lum –
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The star of Browart Studio has got to be their embroidery artist, Jenny.
She’s a nice and gentle lady who is super qualified!
I have to say that she really knows her stuff too because she can answer
all kinds of questions 
from us with regards to the procedure, after-care, etc.

– Peggy Chang –

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“lip embroidery is not all about red lips”

“it has been 4 months after the lip embroidery has been done and I love how the colour is like. :3¬†It is super natural-looking”

– Peggy Chang –

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