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The new trend on beauty technique: The eyebrow embroidery

The trend in eyebrow embroidery has taken over several countries like wild fires, especially in Asia and even in United States. People have suddenly become more obsess with the looks of their eyebrows knowing how it can make a huge change in the face of a person.

Eyebrow shaping can consume time more than you can imagine since one wrong excess stroke can change the whole look eyebrow shape. This is why the modern science of beauty have devised this new eyebrow embroidery trend where your eyebrows are enhanced, highlighted and given emphasis by adding fullness, shape, symmetry, and define colour tones to fair brows.

The complexity of this modern beauty approach involves base colours similar to those of the eyebrow pencil and eyeshadow. The embroidery seems to have effect of natural eyebrow shape as it blends with your own eyebrows filling in the gaps to make it look fuller and thicker. Eyebrow embroidery give such effect where you don’t have to spend too much time on your eyebrows as it is a semi-permanent make up technology for those who are not naturally gifted with good eyebrows but would love enjoy the benefits of such through the new cutting edge innovation for the more beautiful and defined facial features.

Who says it’s just for women?

Eyebrow embroidery are now becoming more popular among the population of men as thick eyebrows define masculinity and is known to be a manly feature. Men, through the beauty science, also enjoy the benefits of the meticulous beauty treatments of the ladies which can also highlight their own features to look better or achieve the maturity and manly looks they have long been pining without the aids of eyebrow liners used stereotypically by the female crowd.

Less time but fuller eyebrows

Eyebrow tattooing or eyebrow embroidery, in this case, is the answer to your time-consuming beauty troubles. It saves time when you do your daily make up routine and it won’t smudge or wear off anytime of the day. This new era of beauty techniques have made your stylish look more permanent without spending too much time re-drawing and guesstimating again and again the amount of eyebrow tints you have to draw to achieve the best eyebrow shape that suits you.

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