Eyebrow Work for Men

 “I find that nothing frames the face more beautifully, or gives an instantaneous lift quite like perfectly shaped eyebrows.”

This quote couldn’t be more agraeeable as perfectly shape eyebrows are one thing everyone wants, so to fulfil this wish eyebrow embroidery has been introduced. Now not only women can have the eyebrow embroidery session but it has even been made accessible for men. With the passage of time, men have also become interested in grooming themselves and love to make themselves more representable. What better way to do that than starting with the eyebrows?

Browart Studio has help many men to improve their image,  they had simply engaged us for a complete eyebrow embroidery consultation and regained their confidence and convert into a loyalty customer of Browart Studio.

Steps of the procedure

There are in total four steps for the eyebrow embroidery session.

First Step

The first step is identification and inspection, in this step you will be inquired as to what type of shape you want for your eyebrows and some ides will also be suggested to you by the stylist, according to your face shape and structure. The embroidery will be done according to your preferences.

Second Step

The next step is designing and forming the outlines for the eyebrows, so the procedure can be followed according to the lines drawn. Those lines can be drawn using an ordinary eyebrow pencil or if the stylist wants, he/she can also use some other tool instead of the eyebrow pencil . The lines would both be different on each eyebrow, so, there would be two different designs on the eyebrows so that you can choose from one of them. The one which would be chosen will be the design you have decided for your eyebrow embroidery.

Third Step

Following the designing procedure will be the numbing process which usually lasts 15 minutes or more. For this, a certain gel or numbing cream will be applied to make sure that the customers won’t feel any pain during the eyebrow embroidery session. This gel or cream will directly be applied onto the eyebrows.

Fourth Step

The fourth and last step uses an eyebrow embroidery instrument to create hair-like marks on the skin and then a color pigment will be applied to give those marks color to make your eyebrows look fuller. The pigment will be left to be absorbed by the skin. Now, you will have thicker and natural looking eyebrows.

Change the look!

If you are insecure about the current condition of your eyebrows or think that you need a manlier and tougher look, then eyebrow embroidery is the thing for you. This will give you a natural look and fuller eyebrows, while the whole procedure is a cheap and painless one. Or we can design the perfect pair that is personalize to your overall facial feature. Just like the saying goes:

“Brows is more than a treatment, it is an art.”

This work is done by a professional with much delicacy, so there will be no problems and the customers will get their desired eyebrows. Many of those who have tried it have been satisfied by the results and are content with their new look. You will most definitely not be disappointed by the results. It is definitely something worth trying. Contact us to book an appointment now!